As almost (if not all) the countries around the globe is under lockdown and different measures are being taken to curb the spread of Covid-19, we need to be united because the only way we can get through this is to have a positive mind. We should all think with a mind that is ahead of this pandemic.

During this period a lot of people are going through one thing or the other; if it’s not the fear of the virus, it’s the fear of being attacked; it’s the sad feeling you get when watching a fellow man die. Various things are happening and sometimes we pause and think to ourselves, “is this really happening?”


“Is this actually real?”

Yes, it’s real. A lot of bad things are happening these days, occurrences that we wouldn’t have imagined are taking place, but the fact is that it is real.

That is why we should care for each other and not only think for ourselves alone. Let your friends and family know that it isn’t the end of the world. Watch your thinking habits because sometimes it affects ones immunity and you need that immunity. We can get through this by protecting ourselves and others by wearing a face mask, observing social distancing and also by obeying the rules that have been laid down by the health officials.

Wearing a mask to a store wouldn’t hurt, washing your hands regularly wouldn’t kill and staying indoors might be the only way to survive as we hope for a cure.

We should be optimistic, and care about the well being of others.

Stay safe and be healthy.